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Nanobubble Hose

The technology of breaking down water into nanoparticles (500 times smaller than skin pores) to deeply penetrate anywhere, delivering moisture and effectively washing away even the smallest residues like fine dust, detergents, and shampoos, leaving no residue behind.

What are nanobubbles and why are they essential?

Nano Bubbles hydrogenates bath water 155% more than regular tap water using Micro bubbles a size of 0.2 microns

Normal skin pores are 30 to 50 microns, and nanobubbles 1/500 the size of pores penetrate deep into the skin to remove impurities and transport moisture and oxygen.

The day starts and ends with NANO SHOWER now.

Based on patented technology, NANO SHOWER generates more than 500 million nanobubbles per 1cc od water to create healthy skin by moisturizing the skin, improving scalp health and skin diseases, and removing dead skin cells and waste without using shampoo or body cleanser.

Born with the world’s first patented technology Healthy and beautiful skin with over 500 million powerful nanobubbles
  • Dry skin with lots of dead skin cells and rough skin

  • Seborrheic skin that secretes a lot of sebum

  • Sensitive skin that frequently causes skin problems

  • Skin with excessive dandruff or dead skin cells

  • Seborrheic skin that is oily and prone to hair loss

  • Itchy skin due to atopic dermatitis or similar symptoms

  • Skin with a lot of waste in pores due to fine dust and polluted environments

Patented nanobubble generation core technology using the world’s only surface friction method

The principle of nanotubes, the core technology for nanobubble generation, is to use surface friction. When the fluid passes through the nanobubble tube, it receives resistance due to friction with the wall, and the velocity gradient generated at this time causes the bubbles in the fluid to gradually split and form nanobubbles.

Nanobubble hose application fields

  • Through nanobubble generation technology, it elevates the pH of water to 8.0 or higher, aiding in the separation of contaminants by detergents during the washing process

  • It helps to remove residual detergent left on clothes after washing.

  • It saves time, water, and energy usage

  • It contributes to a more powerful washing effect

  • It cleanses pores and the scalp effectively

  • Nanobubbles, 1/500th the size of pores, deliver moisturizing benefits to the skin.

  • It removes even ultrafine impurities.

  • It helps improve dry or oily skin

  • It protects against dead skin cells and roughness

  • It helps with dandruff or hair loss on the scalp

  • It provides relief for itchy or odorous feet

  • It effectively removes residual detergent left from kitchen detergents

  • It aids in achieving a more powerful cleaning when using kitchen detergents

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