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Updated: Apr 8

  • Mineral Detergents

  • Agricultural & Livestock Sector

  • Industrial Sector

Is it really possible to clean and deodorize without foaming?

Even without surfactants (foam), mineral particles smaller than water particles penetrate between contaminants and remove only the contaminants before returning to nature. MINERAL WASH is a non-foaming detergent that is good for both people and the planet.

Drinkable detergent MINERAL WASH is a perfect non-foaming detergent that returns to water after removing contaminants.

Landry Detergent

Without bubbles and harmful ingredients, this economical product swiftly removes dirt with its own mineral-based surfactants, reducing the need for rinsing and saving both time and water. It leaves no residue on laundry, making it a natural detergent suitable for sensitive skin, infants, children, and the elderly

Kitchenware Sterilization Water

After washing dishes, it cleanly removes any detergent residue or fluorescent substances left on dishes and completely sterilizes dishcloths, cutting boards, scrubbers, etc.

Fruit and Vegetable Cleanser

The patented mineral component that decomposes pesticide residues removes harmful substances such as pesticides and waxes and protects the cells of crops to maintain their freshness.


100% mineral completely deodorizes odors in closets, bathrooms, shoes, refrigerators, etc. by removing the cause of odors without artificially covering them up.

If you select Plus, the lemon flavor used in the drink is added to add a subtle freshness.

Pet Odor Eliminator

Clean and deodorize your precious pet's blankets, litter pads, dishes, toys, etc. with pure minerals. It is safe to spray directly on pets.

Stubborn Stain Cleanser

Spray it on fans, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. and wipe it 2-3 times after 10 minutes. Minerals smaller than water molecule will break down and cleans stubborn dirt and grease.

Why you should choose MINERAL WASH
  • No detergent residue-No harm to health.

  • Beneficial to the environment-Returns to water after washing without foaming.

  • Cost effective-Save water, time, electricity, and labor.

  • Eatable ingredients-Safe even if it comes in contact with the skin.

Dependency on chemical pesticides and fertilizers for productivity enhancement in the agricultural and livestock industry sector is severe.

Livestock Sector

Air pollution leads to weakened immunity in livestock.

•Deterioration of indoor environmental conditions in barns results in a mortality rate exceeding 10% and recurrent respiratory diseases.

•Outbreaks of diseases such as respiratory illnesses occur.

•Increased mortality rates and antibiotic usage.

•Foul odors and harmful gases from livestock waste, leading to soil and water pollution from effluents.

Agricultural Sector

Decreased mineral content in crops leads to quality deterioration and health threats from consumption

•Mineral content in crops has decreased by over 1/5 compared to 20 years ago, resulting in diminished taste and health risks.

•Accelerated soil compaction due to acidification, chemical fertilizers, and pesticide use, leading to the extinction of beneficial microorganisms.

•Continued exacerbation of reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers to increase productivity.

•Destruction of river ecosystems due to pesticide components.

•Chemical pesticides are sprayed 10-15 times annually to prevent disease and pest infestations.

The purpose of using LONTRA Mineral Solution

LONTRA mineral water not only has effects such as sterilization and deodorization but also, when used as drinking water for animals, promotes metabolism, increases immune cells, reduces mortality rates, and supplies sufficient minerals to crops, thereby enhancing their growth.

Patented Mineral Synthesis Tech “Mineral Solution for Industrial Sector”

LONTRA Mineral stands as an impeccable detergent, boasting potent pH14 cleansing prowess and the inherent safety of natural minerals. Its corrosion-free formula ensures perpetual utilization of factory equipment with utmost reliability.

LONTRA Mineral's distinctive advantage

  • Additive-free: no surfactants, brighteners, preservatives, or bleaches

  • Exceptional stability: colorless, odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic

  • Powerful cleaning efficacy with a pH of 14

  • Formaldehyde removal capability: 89.8% within 30 minutes

  • Residual pesticide degradation: effectively decomposes highly toxic pesticides

  • Exceptional germicidal efficacy:  99.9% elimination of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

  • Exceptional deodorizing ability: 81% removal of ammonia within 10 minutes

  • Substitution of harmful substances - Safely prevents accidents by replacing caustic soda, bleach, and the like

  • Eco-friendly - Improvement in

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